Field & Hall Limited has been a registered Master Builder since 1962, and as such was one of the very first Wellington companies to gain this recognition. 


It was in 1923 that Harry Field set up his own construction company in Wellington, HG Field & Co. Ltd. The first job came in almost immediately with an opportunity to build the Public Trust offices in Blenheim. In 1934 the company was given the task of refurbishing and strengthening the Wellington Town Hall. That included taking off the old clock tower, as even then it was considered an earthquake risk (today, of course, we are specialists in earthquake strengthening). In 1958 Field & Hall moved into its present location in Coutts Street in Rongotai.

HG Field & Co. Ltd became Field & Hall Ltd in 1962 when Alan Hall came on board as a director. A feature from the beginning has been a firm family orientation and the constant thread through the years has been the Field family. Harley Field took over from Harry Field, and Harley’s son Richard is the current Managing Director. In 2008 & 2017 Richard Field’s children have joined the company making Field & Hall a 4th generation family company.

In the modern era, the business is in the hands of the Field family, who continue to nurture the tradition of pride recognised throughout the Wellington building industry. Part of that pride is a down to earth commitment to customer satisfaction and quality work, which never goes out of fashion.